Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Center - Auto Repair, Auto Maintenance & Transmission Repair in Plymouth, MI

Because of the current coronavirus (COVID 19) situation we are offering NO CONTACT Auto Repair for the forseeable future. Vehicles can be dropped off using key drop then picked up with key in vehicle. We also offer pick up and drop off service to you.

Full Service Auto Repair
Free Shuttle Service
  • Engine Service
  • Transmission Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Oil Change & Tune Up
  • Towing
  • New Tires
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Check Engine Light
AAA Approved ~ ASE Certified

Auto Repair, Auto MaintenanceAuto-Lab Complete Car Care Center is a state of the art, bumper to bumper auto repair shop in Plymouth that services all makes and models of import and domestic cars, trucks and SUVs. Our team of ASE Certified technicians are highly skilled at all aspects of auto maintenance and repair. From routine services, including oil changes and fluid services to complex engine diagnostics, transmission service and brake repair, we really do it all. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle remains safe and reliable day in and day out. No matter what you drive or where it's from, Asia, Europe or right here in the US, we service it and most parts and labor are covered by an excellent 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty. If you begin to experience car problems, such as weird noises, odd vibrations or a dashboard indicator light, head into see the team at Auto-Lab for expert service. Give us a call and we will be happy to schedule you an appointment for quality auto repair in Plymouth!

Customer ReviewAuto-Lab Complete Car Care Center utilizes the latest technology when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. Our modern Plymouth auto repair facility is equipped with high tech diagnostic equipment that allows our skilled technicians to identify and repair problems quickly and effectively. We understand that you rely on your car just about every day, so we do everything we can to make sure we return it to you in a healthy state as fast as possible.

Transmission Repair in Plymouth, MIWe look forward to assisting our friends and neighbors in Plymouth, Westland, Livonia, Northville, Canton and the surrounding towns to keep their cars running great. At the first sign of trouble don't hesitate to give our team a call at (734) 404-7625 and we will make you an appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. From oil changes to engine rebuilds, let us be your first stop for auto maintenance in Plymouth!

5 Stars
"Bret, Marc and crew are great! They have done everything I have ever asked them to do, even if it was outside the box a little. Would not hesitate to bring any of my three cars to Auto Lab Plymouth for service."
~ - Livonia

5 Stars
"My car had an intermittent electrical problem (shorting), which are usually hard to trace and expensive to repair. They isolated and repaired it in about an hour, at a cost far lower than I feared. Friendly, outstanding service; they're my new go-to guys for any car issues."
~ - Ann Arbor
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